Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name's Alan Durant and, among other things, I write stories for children of all ages - from toddlers to teenagers. I also write poetry for children and adults.

Whether you want to find out about my books or my work in schools, or you're a Duran Duran fan who wandered in here by mistake, I hope you find something of interest.

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Alan Durant - working with schools

Latest News

Live in London and want to spend a fun morning writing about games/sport? Find out about my Game On! writing workshop on 8 April (10 -1 at Clementi House, Kensington) at www.chelseayoungwriters.co.uk.

My next writing course in France will run from 26 - 31 May 2015. It'll be a lot of fun. Spread the word!

I'm on twitter now. Follow me at @alan_durant and you can read my blog about issues relating to writing for children at http://alandurantblog@blogspot.com

My next picture book, Daddy, I Can't Sleep will be published this summer by Random House.

Read Zone have republished my Bad Boyz football series, Barrington Stoke are issuing new 4U2 Read versions of Game Boy Reloaded and Game Boy Galatic and Walker Books are issuing Dear Mermaid for the first time as a paperback in May. Hurrah!